New Year’s Day

I haven’t been on in 2 weeks or so, so I finally decided to post something.

For a New Year’s Resolution, I decided to obtain more gift cards through #Swagbucks and #Instagc. I want to work more on #ChatAbout. I want to read more to my daughter and read new books (not just the same few series that I do own). I want to beat the few Nancy Drew games that I haven’t played (my dad started The Haunted Mansion with me about a decade ago). I want to go to Colorado with my family. We bought 2 tickets awhile ago. I also want to save more money. We started bleeding our savings account slowly.

I don’t know quite how to go about saving more money. I used coupons and CVS deals like crazy this year. I am guessing there have been emergency situations like crazy this year. Maybe these 3 sites will work wonders for me this year.



I wish I was looking more into education subjects this past week. I was on Instagc or with my daughter instead.

Instagc is this awesome site that I have gotten about $30 this past week. Most of it has been through surveys. I am still learning about different things on the site even though I have been attempting to work on it for about 3 years now. If you want to check it out here it the link:

Reading journey

I just noticed today why I love to read. I feel like I learn more of who I am or what I want. I love Ender’s Game, because I love how they think differently. Andrew feels the need to move around and do something big, but stay humble (or in the background). Even though he doesn’t feel like he can ever be happy again, he is still on the journey to find peace and a bit of happiness that he allows himself. In the Anne of Green Gables, I see how Anne tries so hard to do well. Anne struggles to be true to herself and follow what the caring adults want for her, too. She is finding happiness for her here and now, but also in the future. The Far West trilogy, is a life journey of happiness. The father takes the younger half of his family out west. He thinks that the possibility of happiness of doing something new is going to be better than the happiness of doing the same thing over and over. The main character is on the journey to overcome the unhappiness of being an unlucky thirteenth child. She realizes she is a double seventh child herself (seventh daughter of a seventh son). She wants to be a naturalist out in the uncharted west. I love these journeys. I am trying to figure that key piece that will turn my hard work into that job I find fun.

I want my daughter to find her happiness sooner rather than later. Sure I want her to learn through hard work, but it shouldn’t be hard work her whole life to find that happiness. Right now, I know she loves water/ sea/ ocean animals, cars, and bouncy balls. She is only 2, and I feel like I am rushing things.


I want to teach my 2 year old. I don’t know if I can handle homeschooling or sending her to school with all those shootings. I don’t know if we are going to move before she is ready for school. I don’t even know where to start or what she needs to know for her age.

I am thinking to start with the alphabet and numbers. I think that I should create letters and numbers she can “destroy” and easily make more. I want to get her read on her own books, but don’t know where to get them.


I have been thinking about my 2 year old starting school in a few years. This is actually my second go at college. I originally started after I graduated from high school. I felt like I needed to be somewhere else for awhile. I am glad I did otherwise I would not have my daughter and my husband. I started college again when my daughter was just 4 months old.

I want her to learn the stuff she needs to be successful in life (and what the school deems necessary. Whether she uses it or not is her choice). I want her to learn in a way that makes sense to her. I want her to learn what she is more interested in (even if the interest does not last long). I want her to be well rounded. I want her to try to learn an instrument, to try a sport and a martial art, and to try girl scouts. It is not going to be all at once. I do not want her to be afraid to try anything (that is not bad for her).

I do not care if she is as smart as a kid in a different country. I just want her to be happy and to learn what she is most interested in. In August of this year (2014), I found an article that talked about the Third International Mathematical and Science Study (TIMSS). It compares 3 age groups and different aspects pertaining to their education like textbooks and curriculum guides. The U.S. consistently ranked a bit lower on the list. They noticed that highly successful countries spent less money, but asked more from their students and teachers. Finland recruited from the top 10% of college graduates that had a masters degree. The students were group by learning style and not ability. All communities were funded equally and no standardized testing. A few countries required after school classes.

I want to help my daughter learn, but still have not figured out all the details yet.